Consider These Stocks to Pay for Your Summer Vacation

Author: George Davis

Investing in the right stocks is the quickest way to wealth. Read this blog post to discover stocks that can fund your summer vacation.

Summer holidays were once a time for families to go on vacations and spend some quality time off work. However, the Coronavirus took down the hospitality industry as tourism was closed for a year or so. This created tension and frustration among people, which may be relieved this year as countries break free from the shackles of the COVID19 virus. As of June 24, 2021, 45.6% of Americans have been vaccinated, making them eligible for traveling. Moreover, many countries have opened their doors for tourism, leading to the rise in the hospitality industry once again. If you are planning your summer vacation for this or the following year, then you are in the right place. Below we have shared two stocks that can fund your vacations. So keep reading to learn more.

Stocks To Fund Your Summer Vacation

With the Coronavirus pandemic under control, the US economy seems to be on the path to recovery. This is primarily due to an effective vaccination plan. As an increasing number of people get vaccinated, travel and tourism are bound to increase. Therefore, the below-mentioned stocks are expected to quickly gain value and enter a bullish phase.

1. The Cruise Line Industry

As nations finally step out of lockdown and resume business, the hospitality industry is expected to boom once again. Many people have invested in the cruise line industry because it was a profitable industry before the pandemic. Moreover, as nations open for tourism, the cruise line industry is expected to boom, and its revenues are anticipated to increase as well. Since people would like to experience the luxuries of life once again, investing in the cruise line industry might be the best move for your stock portfolio. Plus, currently, the major cruise line companies in the US are trading at a low price and experience growth, making it the best time for investment.

2. The Tourism Industry

It goes without saying that American’s are tired of sitting at home and they want to go out. Moreover, American’s have et to use the COVID19 funds provided by the government. Since the pandemic is slowly fading away, the tourism industry will grow at a much faster rate. Therefore, investing in this industry can be profitable.

3. Hotel Businesses

Like the travel and tourism business, the hotel industry suffered considerably from the effects of the Coronavirus. Since people weren’t traveling, there weren’t many profit-making opportunities for luxury hotels. Moreover, Airbnb and other hotels are expected to generate more revenue starting this year. Even the Marriott international stock is currently trading at $140.14, and it’s expected to reach its previous price. Many investors are investing in the hotel business to ash out when the prices go up.

Ending Note

Summer holidays are a chance for people to escape from their routine. This year, people are expected to travel abroad; therefore, investing in the airline business can also be profitable. If you can’t go to your dream destination this year, you can invest today and go next year. The above-mentioned stock industries can safeguard your investment portfolio from losses.

Stock Picks

1. Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd (GRIN)

2. Equinor ASA (EQNR)

3. Group 1 Automotive, Inc (GPI)

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