Airspan Stock Is Going Public Via a SPAC

Author: George Davis

Should I buy Airspan stock?

Airspan network is a 23-year-old 5G equipment and software manufacturing company that is expected to be merged with Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). It will be listed on the Stock Exchange under the ticker "MIMO." With Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T all launching their 5G cell phones, and 5G rollout will soon hit the global market. A potential long-term investment can be seen with Airspan stock. In this article, we will find out the answer to the most asked question surrounding Airspan “Should I buy Airspan stock?”

Innovation in the Era of Mobile Devices

Airspan is a 5G network and software manufacturing company aiming to become a key component in 5G technology. As smart homes, IoT, and Big Data are starting to surface, 5G will soon become necessary, and it will replace previous mobile networks. Airspan might play an essential role in mobile development, but its users will never know about its existence. Therefore, Airspan decided to go public and show its importance to the people.

Moreover, an essential aspect of Airspan is its Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN). A virtualized network removes the need for installing extra equipment for the network provider. It can make efficient data routing and help a network operator save power consumption costs. Some of Airspan's partners in network and virtualized Radio Access Network technology are Arista Network and Ubiquiti.

Airspan Breakdown

Initially, Airspan has been working with Sprint. Most of its revenue in 2018 was from Sprint, standing at $211 million in 2018. Half of Airspan’s revenue of $166 million was from Sprint. Airspan’s preliminary sales stand at $173 million in 2020, with a 4% increase year over year. Moreover, the company expects to increase its sales by 47% as mobile network providers adapt 5G technology. The spread of COVID-19 has increased the internet proliferation rate worldwide, and Airspan might have plans to go global.

Airspan Business Deals and Investors

Despite the companies massive success in generating substantial revenue for 5G technology which is relatively new, Airspan has been actively involved in growing its business. For example, Airspan signed a new deal with Rakuten Mobile against vRAN technology on its mobile network. Lastly, the company is backed by the biggest names in the mobile manufacturing industry and some well-known banks as well. One of the most prominent investors in Airspan is Qualcomm which happens to be its supplier. Airspan’s list of investors continues with Softbank Group and DISH Network.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to using mobile internet, users only see the companies on the front end. Small organizations like Airspan that contribute to technological advancements are often overshadowed. Airspan's decision to go public has allowed the brand to share its achievements and benefit from public investment. Lastly, the rise of 5G is sooner than we had anticipated, and the latest flagship mobile devices have already started to support 5G technology. Airspan does seem to have a future if all things go well.

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